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Hostelworld: Managing Not Refundable rate plan through WooDoo
Dear WuBookers,

In the past few months HostelWorld introduced the possibility of having a rate plan not refundable within the commercial offer of its properties. Afterwards It has been an adjustment of the xml connectivity to allow the Channel Manager to manage this rate plan for all the properties that implemented it.
So from today WooDoo is able to manage the not refundable rate plan on Hostelworld.

In reality at the moment all not refundable rate plans are linked to the standard rate plans throughout a fixed percentage decrease that can be set up on Hostelworld extranet (Inbox). But the restriction of "CLOSURE" is indipendent from the restriction plan for the standard rate (so please note that now you can close the not refundable rate plan and keep open the standard and the other way around).
For this reason, properties that have set up the not refundable rate plan on Hostelworld, entering the channel configuration page in WooDoo, they will find the new not ref rate to which you can associate the restriction plan but not the rate plan.
As far as we know, in the near future HostelWorld should allow also an indipendent managemnt of the not refundable rate plan in terms of prices.

Going to this new configuration model, we automatically linked the not refundable rate plan to the same restriction plan that was associated to the standard rate. If you like, you could personalize this configuration linking a specific restriction plan.

For comments, doubts or info please do not hesitate to contact us.

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