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15months later, what could be improved

I've been WuBook user for last 15months and it is great experience ever since.
Support is awesome and errors are minimal even less than I expected. All in all great software with even better team of people behind it.

In the begining You said You are working hard to update interface and last few months it is visible to all of us , changes are always welcomed and these are great, however here is list of things I think You should work on to have even better functionality and feed everyone needs.

1. Dashboard - Month ago or so there was option LATEST BOOKINGS, NEXT ARRIVALS and RESERVATION ERRORS , that was great and now it is removed - why?

2. Reservations page looks stunning now however few great functionalities that was one of the best features are removed:
a) Advanced tab had that small table with statistics , why it is removed, that was one of the top functions You could watch how much You earned, lost on cancellations etc, and to check that for specifics periods, every channel manager have this, and personally I use that to create invoices,plan and track how my objects are selling , can that be returned ?
b) Arrivals tab is superb too but now it is not showing arrivals on current day, my opinion is that Arrivals is mostly checked to see who is coming today or tomorrow ?
Also is it more logical to show only CONFIRMED reservations because cancelled reservation will never arrive , this also makes long page and people can make mistake sometimes thinking that cancelled will arrive :)

3. Pricing plan - now we must manually add prices for each year every time I agree that is one or two times per year but why do that when it can be easier
So my proposal is next:
a) Create Pricing Plan
b) You there enter dates as periods (date not include year)
c) We enter prices for periods and rooms and than every year will have prices from these periods...of course You put some limit where prices are inserted for max 2 years or soo
d) If we want we can go in Tabla and change price for specific day for specific room as well in sytar, so this pricing plane is something like 'advanced basic price'

Regarding ZAK one of the coolest options in Zak would be to have it connected with bill machine so instead of simple invoice that is printing on A4 paper and send on emails, hotels can automatically print these small fiscal bills too and every hotel need that.
I dont know if You need to connect to some specific hardware only or it is possible on any hardwer but anyway we would be first to order 100 these hardwers after season because every bigger hotel asked us one: 'Can You automatically create fiscal bills' if answer is no then it is already 70% chance that they will not work with us and they would if we had this option.
http://alf-om.com.www401.your-server.de/...edjaja.jpg - this is type of bill I am talking about it should be super short containing:
Room - value
Meals - value
Total - value
Vat - value
Total + Vat - value
and some static header and footer

One thing I urge You to make is this from 'reservations' and small statistics table, I really can not imagine how to work without that and not having ZAK for every property. Every cm has some statistics like that or even more advanced but that simple table was all I needed.

Many thanks and regards,

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