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You are provided with a username and a password which you use to access (to) all our services, exploring and using them as you wish, without any costs or commitments.

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You can try all the WuBook services for free for 2 weeks and if you consider them useful for your property, you can autonomously buy either a particular service or the entire suite

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Our sales managers will contact you to let you know the WuBook world. You can request a demo or a real training, both entirely for free and with no bonds at all, in order to explore all the services in the best possible way.

Приложение WuBook

Вы можете пользоваться WuBook в любое время благодаря мобильному приложению, управлять бронированиями и наличием. Приложение доступно для пользователей Android и IOS.

WuBook Srl is an italian company located in Fano
Via Nolfi n.56 (61032, PU), Italy
Vat number: 02340220413, REA: PS-173884