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Formatted text in the confirmation e-mail
Dear Partners,

There are several customers that are afraid or skeptical to use the credit-card to make their reservation. On the other hand hoteliers (we mostly) need to have guaranteed reservation.

So, the only way we can do this right now is to let the customer to do his reservation un-guaranteed then to send manually an e-mail tu the customer, asking him to make a payment into our account or to guarantee his payment with a credit-card.

It will be great if in the confirmation e-mail that customer receive, instead of the text "Dear Customer, your reservation request has been sent. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm or reject your reservation." we coud write our own formatted text with the explanations of further steps that the customer needs to do. A great thing will be if we could include in the text the personalized link to guarantee the reservation with the CC too (lots of people have in the first step the restraint to fill online the CC details, but afterwords, when they realize that the confirmation process takes longer, they often choose to change their mind and to guarantee with CC).

It will be a great save of time!

What is your oppinion?

Thank you,

Hello Vlad!

you can introduce on your reservation vouchers a custom message (Facility/Settings/Custom Messages). This being said: if you allow not-confirmed reservations, there is no way to avoid an human relation to collect a guarantee!!! And this is in my opinion out of possibility!!!

For english questions, maybe it's better to use the English "side" of the forum (anyway, thank you so much for your partecipation!!!!!)

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