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Ottimizzazione per MOBILE parte prenotazione ONLINE

premessa: non ho letto gli ultimi POST perche' sono molto di corsa. Ma riporto qui, "open source style", la net-riunione che abbiamo avuto ieri a proposito dei temi discussi in particolare con AB013. In poche parole, abbiamo gia' iniziato a lavorare sulla mobile version per migliorarla moltissimo. Per i dettagli tecnici, vedi il contenuto della riunione:

<black> it takes the width
<black> if someone is resizing window, css will not change
<black> but it does not relate to mobile
<black> what do you think?
<steel`> I can do some more tests, but I'm not sure that it is ok
<black> steel`, it would be great because I want to improve mobile if it does not work...
<black> I tried on different phones that we have here
<yellow> black, did you try the nexus?
<yellow> anyway, user states that ORD is badly usable on mobile
<yellow> and he states that guest centric is superior
<yellow> we must understand if this is true
<black> iPhone, iPad, HTC, Sony.... Not Nexus maybe
<steel`> a customer reports problems with: Blackberry Torch , Nokia Lumia (windows phone) and Android Google Nexus
<yellow> well steel` Blackberry maybe shouldn't be quoted
<steel`> problems or difficults to use the booking
<yellow> and he states anyway that GC is superior
<yellow> in all cases
<black> in my opinion: GC shows only a few information on mobile, it looks easy, I can agree
<steel`> yellow: an adaptive design should be works everywhere
<steel`> it depends on the screen width
<steel`> doesn't matter the device
<yellow> so
<yellow> question is: what do we do?
<black> steel`, yes, but in my opinion: it only seems that less information on mobile is good
<black> GC is more accurate maybe, but also because it hides many info
<yellow> maybe
<black> but yes, I agree that we might improve mobile
<black> Don't know the percentage of guests that refuse to make a reservation because the ORD has big buttons
<yellow> well
<yellow> let's improve mobile
<yellow> let's have a plan please
<yellow> first choice:
<yellow> 1) adaptive or dedicated template?
<yellow> then:
<yellow> 1) who will make the job?
<yellow> 2) ETA?
<black> as steel`says: good adaptive layout is of course better than a dedicated one. Of course it's harder
<black> *harder to make
<yellow> but, at the same time, you stated that a dedicated template can be more effective
<steel`> black: bootstrap3?
<black> steel`, not a matter of framework, I think it's a matter of a good html/css work... that hsould be done
<steel`> yellow: we have the same informations... with an adaptive template we can do almost everything
<black> yellow, I stated a dedicated template because it's easier to make different layouts for mobile and desktop
<black> in this case we can have absolutely different design
<yellow> so black what's your suggestion?
<yellow> to improve the current layout instead to produce a dedicated template?
<black> I suggest to try to improve current one, also because we maid many steps on it
<yellow> ok black
<yellow> in this sense
<yellow> could you underline the current limits?
<yellow> what can be improved?
<black> 1) we can make it more accurate
<black> 2) change fonts sizes
<black> 3) hide some redundant info
<yellow> steel`, if I'm not wrong, this is what you think it's better too, right?
<azure> yellow, offtop: i want to add *.pyc to gitignore, what do you think?
<yellow> yes ok
<yellow> thanks azure
<yellow> it seems someway git already acts that way on my distro (gentoo)
<yellow> probably gentoo already provides a default .gitignore global setting
<azure> added to /src/.gitignore, will come with my next commit
<-- steel` has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
<yellow> ok, black st
<yellow> ok, black so is our decision taken?
<black> yellow, I think yes
--> steel``` (Eugenio@ has joined #wb.devel
<yellow> I trust you
<black> I want to remind about the new theme http://wubook.form.wolkow.ru/
<yellow> I'll communicate it
<black> steel```, please take a look to too
<yellow> ah the zoom one
<yellow> ok decision taken
<black> yes, I want to use it as a prototype for mobile
<yellow> black, is this job something can be done in few days/weeks?
<black> yes... it should have a priority, mobile is important
<yellow> ok
<yellow> I will communicate it

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