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Summary of the last news..

Customer Management Update: :
  • During the manual creation of a reservation it is now possible to pick customer directly from the database.
  • Whenever a new reservation is created manually, if the customer doesn't exists, it will be added to the database automatically.
  • If the reservation is for a guest or an employee, the customer information will be added automatically to the first room reserved.
  • Added a disk-shaped button in the reservation details to add guests from web reservation, or from reservation created before the last update.
  • Added a button in the reservation details to change the main customer by picking it from the database or creating a new one.
  • Added an option to the billing process in order to show the name of all the customers. Usefull for agency or company billing.
  • Added buttons in the Invoices section of Archive in order to increment the numeration in case of documents emitted manually or from different sources.
  • General check reinforcement to avoid double registry value.
  • Added in the Documents option the possibility to specify manual or automatic header.
    • Automatic Header: Information about address, city, cap, nation and VAT are now shown. The modify button in the bill allows definition of VAT or fiscal code, without formatting.
    • In case of manual Header: it will show exatcly what specified, formatting included.
  • More info here.

Summary of the last news..

Zak :
  • added chilean language
  • fixed some bad translations
Pricing :
  • added the rooms pricing handling up to 8 people for room
  • new pricing options will be published soon
Vouchers :
  • added the option to send customers documents information on vouchers
  • added the option to specify which one detail of the room will be shown on the vouchers(name, type or code)
Reservations :
  • is now possible to reset the information got during the Online quote in order to make and send a brand new one
  • discount and total amount are now shown also on pending reservations
Planning :
  • is now possible to split a reservation in single days to have more freedom during the moving process
Customers :
  • possibility to easily add new customer to the Database
  • new CSV file downloadable with all the customers emails
  • possibility to load an existing customer during the new reservation process
  • manual reservations will register in Zak Database all the new customers
  • optional field to add the customer titles (Mr, Miss, Doct. etc)
  • new field to set the customer type (guest, worker, company, agency)
  • the invoicing header of the customer are shown in the anagraphic form
  • if the customer is a worker, is now possible to select / insert the linked company
  • if the customer is not an agency or a company, the anagraphic of the booker will be automatically added to the first room of the reservation
Property settings: :
  • added the field for the property bank name
  • added the field for bank account code (IBAN)
Invoicing: :
  • invoices will show the property bank informations if in the invoice there are some bank transfert payments
  • the customer informations have a new look to offer more informations
Correcciones :
  • fixed a bug linked to every reservation coming from YouBook with the "custom amount" discount option

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Zk news page


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