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Recent improvements in customers database

Archive / Customers :
  • It´s been updated the core that manages customers and information related to significantly reduce waiting times during searches.
  • It´s been added a function for a complete customer record management and to take advantage of the latest improvements.
  • Searching for a client and clicking on its name you can see all the reservations created under his name, all reservations where the customer is a guest and all documents issued under his name.
  • It´s been added the possibility to eliminate registered clients. A deleted client will be erased of all reservations and rooms to which he was assigned but invoices and reservations will remain registered under his name.
  • It´s been added a special section to search for homonyms / duplicated customers and be able to delete unnecessary entries.

Vouchers :
  • The vouchers now show the Bank details and its relative Iban, if previously specified in the configuration of the structure

New invoicing format

Invoicing :
  • For Admin access, it has been added the option to change the date of issuance of your documents;
  • You can now define the default invoicing options (type of document to generate, payment method, etc.) to make the billing process even faster;
  • It has been added the option to display your header information as well on receipts, this option is useful in some countries;
  • The invoicing procedure as well as the management of payments (extras, prepayments, splitting of costs, etc) have been completely revised and now you can select, edit and even show the amounts of each element separately.

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