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Zak: some scattered news ...

  • General updates:
    • When you add a new customer details in a reservation (with Insert customers), the field 'Country' will be authomatically filled in when the reservation comes from WuBook, otherwise the drop-down menu of your nationwide account will be offered.
    • We added many new help/legend sections to simplify the use of Zak;
    • We have also added the possibility to enter the phone number of the customer in direct bookings;
    • when you insert a new reservation, you can also directly set the departure date (with no need to use your fingers to count the number of nights);
    • from now on, it will be possible for you to search reservations filtering by bookers phone number/email address;
    • On the monitor, you will be able to filter information through WuBook reservation number;
  • Vouchers:
    • We added new fields in which you can specify quick links to the web pages of your facility without burdening vouchers;
    • We introduced information about payments in vouchers configuration;
    • when you create 'not Heavy' reservations (with no availability decrease), it will be possible to send a vouchers with information on the reservation status. It will appear as 'waiting for confirmation'. This way, vouchers will become in any sense a cheap quote (exactly as currently occurs for the request of online quotes but without the chance to pay and confirm in automaticthe the reservation)
  • BugFixes:
    • A bug has been fixed. The bug was about daily notes on reservations with some Cyrillic characters
    • it has been also corrected a bug that occasionally doubled discount reservation coming from online reception

Zak: some news..

  • We are pleased to inform you that have been inserted some important changes and new documents:
    • Adding the possibility to enter the booking information on the documents issued by Zak
    • introduced the ability to specify multiple documents Header: it’s useful for those who have a single vat and a single property in Zak from where are managed more hotel facilities.
    • At the beginning of the new fiscal year, you can also decide whether or not to restart the (fiscal) numbering
  • Internet: Zak-WuBook
    • We update our anti-overbooking system and now Zak can manage even the most remote cases (thanks to Luca for his help)
    • Added the ability to specify a percent markup referred to a taxation applicable to bookings Internet (this option is useful for those who sell rooms online price excluding VAT)
    • changed the mechanism by which Zak integrates bookings awaiting confirmation from WuBook; now , these bookings will direct bookings as valid in all respects and will be scaled automatically the available online. Therefore, an icon will appear in the form of clock and the rooms will not be available until their final booking confirmation. In case a booking is rejected or cancelled, the reservetion will be deleted.
  • Added a new section in the dashboard useful to inform you about some reservations that will expire in a short time
  • Also added warning messages refering services of suspended connection or in expiring.

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